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Mixed Reality Marketing VISCOPIC


Holographic visualisations allow the presentation and explanation of complex products or (hidden functionaliies of products. Not yet released products can be shown in advance to customers as holograms in miniature, real size or oversize via virtual and mixed reality marketing applications. The possibility of real-time manipulation of the holographic scenes enables to directly incorporate customer demands and present them in a realistic way. Customers dive into a memorable experience of merged real and virtual worlds.

Mixed Reality Marketing VISCOPIC


Mixed Reality Marketing VISCOPIC: Innovation, Immersion

Innovative, Immersive

Surprise and fascinate your customers with this innovative technology and make your 3D product presentations an unique and unforgettable event. Your customers will be impressed by this new way of presenting and by your products.

Thanks to Mixed Reality Marketing, your customers are able to experience your products from a whole new perspective. They can test and operate the hologram of the product as if it would be the real product. The holograms seem especially realistic and visualize the product more easy than other representations. Impress your customers with an immerse experience of the prototype and incorporate customer demands in real-time. By this, changes are made visible in an instant.


Mixed Reality Marketing VISCOPIC: Seeing the Unseen

Seeing the Unseen

You can demonstrate features and functionalities on the hologram which are not visible on the real product. This is an easy way to show and explain complex operating modes. The customer gets a better insight in the function and especiality of the products and its performance.

Not yet released products can be presented to the customer as a hologram. You can incorporate customer wishes in real-time. This adds the advantage of not having to change the ready-made product. The final product will comply with the customer ideas the customer and what he saw beforehand on the hologram.

Mixed Reality Marketing VISCOPIC: Seeing the unseen


Mixed Reality Marketing VISCOPIC

Collaborative, Interactive

It is possible to connect several data glasses, whereby the users donĀ“t need to be in the same room. They see no matter the distance the same virtual scene. Each user can manipulate the hologram as he wishes. The other users will see these changes in real-time. Furthermore, the data glasses enable the communication between the different users.

By means of gesture or speach the user can interact with the hologram in an interactive and individual way to experience it better. Given a product with special functionalities, these can be testet with the hologram and eventually be customized.

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